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Neon light signs have been an integral part of our culture. But unfortunately, the glass neon signs are limited to commercial usage due to fragility and cost. Thanks to the neon flex's safety and energy efficiency, it is now possible to use the LED neon signs on all fronts. In addition, the silicone and semiconductor material used in the Neon flex signs are cheaper and durable and more sustainable. The neon LED signs are used by everyone in wedding parties, home decor, or a customized LED sign for just any purpose. The neon LED signs is a great addition to wedding events, corporate events, or ceremonies. With LED signs, it is now possible to add your favourite quote or design as a custom neon sign to your home decor or bedroom decor. The customized neon signs can add new vibes to your bar, mancaves, game rooms or any other purpose.

  • Ice cream neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Hot and fresh restaurant neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Music neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Fifties Diner restaurant neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Bali neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • @Work neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Wine glass neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Flamingo neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Game neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Game controller neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • You are gorgeous neon sign made by Neon Marvels
  • Love me neon sign made by Neon Marvels


Neon Marvels offer a wide range of personalized neon signs. We got neon signs for commercial usage, home decor, gaming rooms, gym rooms, bedrooms, bars and weddings. In addition, we can make it for you if you look for a unique neon sign like a word sign, name sign, or a logo LED sign. We also offer our customers to design their own customized neon sign in any size, colour or font. You can use custom neon signs as home décor, decorate your garage, gaming room or attractive hanging sign in your bar or restaurant.

If you are looking for a neon sculpture, a unique lamp of your design or if you have any other ideas, we can do it for you within your budget and interests. Our experienced team delivered custom LED neon signs to a wide range of clientele worldwide. We assure you that we provide the best customer service out there.


LED Neon signs are a cool addition to business interiors and exteriors. The high visibility of the modern neon sign makes it attractive for the business and quickly catches the customer's eye. Further, these signs are energy-efficient and long-lasting. They are entirely customizable; you can create a neon sign with your chosen font, colour, and size.

Neon quote signs light up business interiors and motivate the workforce. Neon art is a new addition to the interior walls of beauty salons, parlours, pubs and fitness centers. Do you want your company to become a social media sensation? Add a selfie zone with a custom LED neon sign? Customers love to take a selfie with a neon sign. In addition, it leads to free marketing with social media. The new age generation loves Instagram neon signs, which promote virality for businesses. The neon wall decoration is a must for every business to advertise their brand and make their presence visible to everyone.


Our store offers diverse types of word neon signs, neon arts signs, and neon sculptures for all kinds of needs, including home decor, weddings, and businesses. You can always create your own custom sign if you want a customized neon sign. You can turn any quote or caption into a custom neon sign. If you have other ideas for your neon sign, you can always reach out to us. We would love to turn any art into a lit neon sign. For any questions on delivery times, warranty and custom signs, check out our FAQ section.


LED Neon Flex constitutes high-quality PVC that is fireproof and flexible. Unlike glass neon signs, it is shatterproof and easy to handle.

Energy Efficient & Safe

It consumes less energy with an input of 24V/120V, whereas glass neon requires 3KV-18KV. In addition, it has a life span of over 30,000 hours and doesn't emit any heat or dangerous gases.

All Accessories Included

Each neon sign includes a remote/dimmer to adjust the brightness settings. Every neon sign comes with a sign hanging and wall mounting kit to easily mount or hang the neon sign.

Completely Customizable

Our neon signs are completely customizable in color, size, and the type of backboard. We also offer a free quote service for custom designs or images.


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