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Neon Signs Warranty

Neon Marvels provides a 12 month warranty on all led neon signs which covers electrical components when used appropriately. The resolution for the defective sign will depend on the source of the fault and will be determined between Neon Marvels and the customer.

Warranty Coverage for Hard Wired & Installed Signs:

Neon Marvels is not responsible for any costs incurred during installation of your neon sign. If you sign is a presumed fault, we will request pictures and videos for diagnostic purposes. You may be required to send the sign to us for replacement or repair. If you have already installed and/or hardwired, Neon Marvels have no responsibility for any costs incurred during reinstalling and uninstalling. If your sign is hardwired by an electrician, it is at our sole discretion to decide if the fault occurred is under our 12 month warranty.